Repair and maintenance of wheelchairs

The FS Series wheelchairs for people who are unable to walk or who have a walking impediment. Each wheelchair can be propelled either by the user or by an attendant. The regular maintenance and check below can bring a long life-time to the wheelchairs. Before using your wheelchair, check the pneumatic tires are correctly inflated. The air pressure is indicated on the side wall of the tire. For rear wheels, it should be at least 350 kPa. Loosen the screws and move the footrest to the desired position. When you have adapted the height and angle of the footplate to your individual requirements, re-tighten the screws. To change the position of the wheel lock, first loosen the wheel lock attachment screws and push the wheel lock forward. Once the rear wheels have been mounted in the new position, the wheel lock should then be remounted so that when the wheel lock is in the off position, the distance between the tires and wheel brake block should be 5 mm maximum. To clean your wheelchair, use a mild detergent and a soft cloth.

Certain components can be easily maintained by yourself so as to ensure smooth operation of your wheelchair:

  • Hair and/or dirt particles may accumulate between the caster wheel and fork, can restrict the caster wheels from rotating smoothly. Thoroughly clean between fork and caster wheels/axle using a soft cloth and if required a mild detergent.

  • The rear wheels and caster wheels can be supplied as a quick-release axle system. Keep this system operational; ensure no dirt/grit adheres to the quick-release axle housing. Lightly lubricate the quick-release axle regularly with resin-free sewing machine oil.

  • If your wheelchair gets wet, dry it as soon as possible.

  • Do not use your wheelchair in salt water, as sand, salt and/or other particles cause corrosion and cause damage to wheel bearings.

  • Check the tightness of all screw connections regularly. If any screw connection persists in becoming loose, consult your authorized dealer immediately.